Hardie Grant Books London

Hardie Grant Books launched in London in 2008. Ten years after launching in Australia we believed there was an opportunity to take some of the ideas that were working there, and commission some original projects in the UK. Our intention has always been to win just a small share of the large UK market, and position us for growth globally.

As a start-up, we decided we had to make our own way by being creative and ingenious, doing things differently and fast, spotting trends and turning them into attnetion-grabbing books. We needed to win the trust of authors through our ideas and energy, and our capacity to create really original work. While we’re more established in London now, this determination to think differently continues to define the work that we produce, as we seek excellence in design and authorship, matched with speed to market.

Of particular note are the authors behind the Green Kitchen blog, David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl, and the beautiful interiors books by Kit Kemp. We have also spotted and then created bestsellers in Wah!Nails, Mug Cakes, and Basque by Jose Pizarro.

Hardie Grant Books London is an independent creative and marketing team, working alongside the independent Quadrille team, and both imprints benefit from the shared sales and other services of Hardie Grant Publishing.

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