Kitiya Palaskas

Kitiya Palaskas is an Australian craft-based designer with a multi-faceted practice specialising in prop, costume and installation design, set dressing, art direction and styling. Her work centres around re-imagining handmade techniques and traditional craft methods in contemporary ways, and is characterised by its bold colours, humorous themes and kitsch, nostalgic nature. A lifelong passion for making her own party decorations and a love for traditional Mexican handicrafts sparked Kitiya to try her hand at making her own piñatas, and sharing them on her blog. After creating her first ever piñata (a pineapple), her designs expanded to include more tropical fruit, as well as themed shapes for holidays and special occasions, and quirky, everyday objects. Alongside her design work, Kitiya hosts regular craft workshops, works on a variety of piñata commissions and creates DIY projects and piñata howtos for magazines and blogs around the world. You can find Kit online at

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