Emma Shortis

Dr Emma Shortis is a nationally recognised expert in the history and politics of the United States. Emma uses her expertise in history to interpret and explain what on earth is happening in America today, and what it means for Australia, in a compassionate and accessible way. Emma is a regular guest on ABC radio and television, such as The Drum, Today and ABC podcasts Russia, If You’re Listening and The Signal. Emma also co-hosts RMIT’s popular history podcast, Barely Gettin’ By, with her friend Dr Chloe Ward. She writes regularly for mainstream media including ABC News Online and the Sydney Morning Herald. Before joining RMIT, Emma spent a year in the United States as the Fox-Zucker International Fellow at Yale University, where she finished writing her PhD in History. In 2020, she was named RMIT’s Media Commentator of the year.

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Books by Emma Shortis