David Rosenberg

David Rosenberg worked for the NSA for over 20 years, including 18 years as an American representative at the Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap in Alice Springs. As an Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) signals analyst and manager for his team, he was responsible for identifying, evaluating and reporting the military capabilities of countries that posed potential threats to the United States.

Since leaving the NSA in 2008, he has become a freelance writer for Australia’s On Duty magazine, writing about the world of signals intelligence. He is the technical and creative consultant for the ABC Australia and Netflix television series Pine Gap, providing believability in an operations environment and signals intelligence collection scenarios. He is also a professional speaker at intelligence conferences, corporate events and community organisations, as well as a participant in discussions about Pine Gap on various radio programs. David enjoys community service work, having held vice-chairman and fundraising chairman roles on two charities.

David became an Australian citizen in 2009 and currently resides in Sydney with his wife and family.

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