We’re an independent marketing network delivering ‘big agency’ capabilities with ‘small agency’ client service.

Our structure gives clients access to a bespoke team of experts perfectly suited to their needs. 

Nick Hardie-Grant

Group Managing Director

Likes: great creative, delivering results, hiring smart people, and english bulldogs.
Dislikes: team silos, "taking things offline", "you're on mute", and cats.



Kate Thompson

Strategy & Innovation Director

Favourite word is 'why' - often to the dismay of account service and creative colleagues. 



Scott Elmslie

Account Director

You'll find me treading the line between our clients' needs and driving the internal team. 




Clare Brundle

Managing Director, Heads & Tales

A big fan of "brain farts" - spontaneous creative ideas that just can't be kept in. 



Heads and Tales

Stacey McArdle

Director, tide.pr

Every brand has a story and I love being able to tell that story in an engaging way. 



tide pr

Life at Hardie Grant Media

We think it’s important to take care of our team and invest in ways that help them to be at their best every day. Life at Hardie Grant Media consists of:

Ongoing learning and development – there’s regular training and access to events, conferences, seminars, and lunch and learns, working groups, special projects and mentoring. 

Flexible working hours – we know people have lives, kids, study – even pets – so we won’t lock you to your desk. We manage our people based on the work they do, not just by being physically present.  

Ideas Hack – twice a year we take a full day out of the office to tackle a creative brief outside our normal day jobs.  

Extra half days – to encourage work/life balance we give an extra half day every quarter. Sleep in one morning, head off to the beach for the arvo, or spend time with your dog... 

The office space – spacious open plan offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane encourages transparency, creativity and helps us work together.  

Top Dog Awards – bi-monthly staff awards for those best living our values through their role in the team. 

Refer a friend – our staff are our best ambassadors and in turn our best recruiters. Refer a friend and we owe you. 

Helping where we can – we have a strong partnership with a very deserving charity partner, as well as giving staff days off to volunteer. 

Engagement committee – we have a clear goal to be an employer of choice and have a committee in place to help this happen. 

Part of the group – we’re always thinking big picture and adopting global best practices by connecting in with Hardie Grant’s 280 staff across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, London and San Francisco offices using tools like Slack and Teams to share and collaborate.

If you’re interested in working with us, visit the Hardie Grant Careers page or find us on LinkedIn.