Mercedes Me magazine goes digital

We've worked with Mercedes-Benz for more than 20 years. Over this time the content has continually evolved, always driven by consumer needs and brand objectives. But in 2020, we changed gears and took the storytelling off-road, from print to digital.
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    With a suite of content developed each month and published across 
its owned media, Mercedes-Benz leads the conversation and keeps the brand top 
of mind. The Mercedes Me magazine is an important communications vehicle to help achieve this, reaching 90,000 subscribers (owners) three times a year. But, as more consumers moved to consume media online it was time to evolve the program and embrace a 100% digital and multichannel mindset.
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    We engaged with our audience through visually rich, inspiring and eye-opening digital content, created with celebrated content creators, influencers and brand ambassadors, in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz partner agencies. From tech-focused animations and storytelling videos to cutting-edge articles and evocative photography, the Mercedes Me content leverages technology platforms such as Adobe and Salesforce, fuelling more conversations, more often. Driven by data, inspired by brand love.
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    Within the first year of the revised content marketing strategy distribution increased three-fold to 250,000 people. Email open rates have remained steady (above 35%) and engagement across the site is very healthy. There is also a strong relationship between content marketing via the Mercedes Me platform and lead generation. It's clear that communicating with owners and subscribers through editorial and storytelling contributes to the customer journey and drives business outcomes.