Why dogs make great colleagues

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While Take Your Dog to Work Day officially falls on June 21 this year, we always have a canine visitor or two in our office. Here’s why we have such a dog-friendly culture.

Brittany Daniel

Seeing a furry friend in the office is likely to make your day. In fact, research has shown that having a dog in the office can improve staff wellbeing, happiness and productivity. It’s also a great stress reliever to spend five minutes with the favourite four-legged employee. 

On June 21 we mark international Take Your Dog to Work Day® (created by Pet Sitters International). This event encourages employers to welcome dogs into the workplace for one day to support their local pet communities and adoptions.

There are many benefits to welcoming a furry friend into the office. Animals lower our stress levels and encourage employees to bond. The concept also results in a lower employee turnover as for many, the ability to bring their dog to work is an amazing perk that they wouldn’t want to give up.

It’s a benefit that you can even use to attract top talent during recruitment. Employees are more likely to stay at work for longer hours when they don’t need to race home to look after their dog. It’s also a fantastic cost saver for employees who would normally need to pay for doggy day-care.  

It’s important that the experience works for everyone, so it helps to check in and make sure other employees are comfortable around dogs. It’s also a good idea to make sure the dog won’t be too disruptive or cause any distractions.

Tips to make sure your fur baby is welcomed back:
  •     Check with management beforehand and make sure other employees are comfortable around dogs.
  •     Ensure your dog is the right fit for a workplace. They should be well-socialised with other dogs and people, well-trained and trustworthy.
  •     Have some treats on hand and bring in a favourite blanket or dog bed, plus water and toys.
  •     Place their bed beside your desk to guarantee they’re being supervised and have somewhere to relax.
  •     Schedule frequent toilet breaks and maybe a lunch time walk (you don’t want any embarrassing accidents!). This is also a perfect opportunity to get yourself out of the office for some fresh air.
Hardie Grant is a dog-friendly office. We rely on Peppa (an English bulldog) and Jagger (a border collie) to be our support people and shred any confidential documents. Large companies such as Amazon and Google are dog-friendly and use this as a recruiting tactic, with many smaller companies are following suit. We recommend you trial having a pup in the office this international Take Your Dog to Work Day and see how the benefits work for your employees and the wider company.

Brittany Daniel, publishing executive   

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