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We’re excited to officially announce a new era for Hardie Grant Media. We’ve reimagined our agency model with today’s modern marketer in mind.

Nick Hardie-Grant

The new-look Hardie Grant Media is setup to grow, engage and influence audiences through storytelling, driven by strategy, creative, data and insights.  

This evolution has been a long time coming.  In a way, COVID accelerated our strategy while slightly slowing down our ability to launch. A Jan launch is now a July launch, but here we are, and, as group managing director, I want to explain what’s new.  

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Meet the leadership team and learn how our agencies work together.

What does Hardie Grant Media do? 

In short: content marketing, video and creative, PR and social, and digital marketing.   

We do those things and more, but what we really offer is a content and storytelling-driven approach to marketing. We understand the power of content in not just telling nice brand stories and contributing to the “real marketing” work, but in driving the marketing strategy by growing and engaging audiences and converting that engagement into business outcomes.   

Why work with us?  

We’re built for today’s modern client. And when we talk about modern clients, that is a client that understands the importance of brand storytelling and content in growing their audience, regularly engaging with them, and influencing business outcomes. This is what we’ve always done since we began in 1997. But it’s the breadth of channels, the range of formats and the potential to really break down silos and develop integrated content and marketing strategies powered by technology that has increased the role for content.  

To properly deliver on this, we’ve built a network of agencies, under the one roof, working as a single team. We’ve added the breadth of skills that any brand will need to grow, engage and influence audiences through storytelling, while maintaining the depth of knowledge you would gain from a boutique, focused agency.  
That means we can provide the best of both worlds; agency network breadth, individual agency depth.  

In addition, this approach gives our clients: 
  • A more customer and data focused response driven by strategy 
  • Agency agnostic teams  
  • More integrated solutions  
  • And most importantly, better work  

How is this different?  

Our network is setup with our client’s needs front and centre. Not agency P&Ls, office locations or legacy skills and systems. With that in mind we’ve aimed to simplify the client experience, while still giving access to the skills and team members they need. Clients deal with a single point of contact in our Client Success Team, a single agency brand, a single contract, but a team that could consist of a mix of agencies and physical locations.  

Our agencies live and breathe their specific craft, and have their own culture, teams and targets. But when they’re brought together, we like to think of them as an internal capability, breaking down some of those multi-agency barriers that exist in holding companies.  

Lastly, we’re also a wholly owned, independent, values-focused family business, which we think benefits our clients. We can be more flexible, make client-focused decisions on how we work, and bring a family feel to our long-term client relationships.  

We’re looking forward to continuing to work with our great clients, introducing them to our broader offering, as well as welcoming new clients on board in 2021. If you would like to discuss how we could work together, don’t hesitate to reach out.  

Nick Hardie-Grant, group managing director, Hardie Grant Media.

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