The best Christmas campaigns of 2020

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This festive season, it’s all about a well-deserved celebration with family. Yule love these unexpected Christmas marketing campaigns of the year.

Brittany Daniel

After a difficult year it's time to celebrate the holiday season with friends and family. Some brands cut through the marketing-heavy time with timely and clever Christmas campaigns.  

The tone is noticeably different to Christmas campaigns in previous years.  This year successful brands moved away from a commercial angle and told a story. Whether they sparked emotion or a good laugh, they were relatable for 2020 and the perfect way to start celebrating Christmas. 

So we made a list, we checked it twice. Here are our 10 favourite campaigns that were unique and unexpected. 


Myer launched their Bigger than Christmas campaign to inject joy back into the year. This campaign encourages family to get together and celebrate all the missed moments, like birthdays, Easter and weddings that were postponed or celebrated in isolation.  

Why it works

This campaign is something we can all relate to. With many missed celebrations in the year that keeps on giving, this inspires us to make the most of Christmas and to celebrate with loved ones.  

The ad doesn’t focus on shopping at Myer but instead uses a catchy song encouraging us celebrate big this year. 


Aldi Australia celebrates Christmas in true Aussie style with a funny twist. In this video a sack of santas go synchronised swimming in Lycra, providing a much-needed laugh for the audience. While it’s not the main focus, there are plates of classic Aussie Christmas meals flying about, including turkey and prawns. The tag line “go full Christmas with Aldi” lets the audience know where these Christmas essentials are available. 

Why it works

This campaign was a fun escape from the year of the dumpster fire. It shows Aldi doesn’t take themselves too seriously and fits in with their quirky brand identity. Humour is always a great way to engage with the audience. 

Australia Post  

Australian Post’s 2020 Christmas campaign Spread the Merry is a story about a young girl who helps a lonely cockatoo in need, with assistance from an Australian Post delivery. This campaign shows how kindness can help bring people (and animals) together during the holiday season.  

Why it works 

In a tough year for the brand, this campaign uses a recognisably Australian Christmas setting to send a heartfelt message about spreading kindness and joy.  

In the ad, the young girl Audrey and her local postie Kevin are on first name terms, emphasising the personal service Australian Post provides. 

Dan Murphy's  

Whether its gifting, hosting or toasting, Dan Murphy's has the holidays handled. This clever campaign by Thinkerbell shows the team at Dan Murphy’s will take care of everything, from forgotten gifts to disastrous food pairings. This means you can get onto what matters, celebrating the end of 2020 with loved ones.

We’re proud to work with Dan Murphy's and loved creating their Christmas magazine and digital content alongside this campaign. 

Why it works 

This Christmas campaign creates an emotional connection with the audience, so they feel like they can trust Dan Murphy's to help ease the stress of the season.

Utadi Murphy, head of marketing and loyalty at Dan Murphy’s says in B&T “This allows us to showcase our knowledge, value our quick, flexible delivery. Ultimately, giving customers a reason to think of us for their Christmas gifting and entertaining needs.” 

Toys R Us  

This emotional campaign begins by looking back on the year with children staring out of the window, looking disappointed at closed playground and family video calls. The second half becomes more upbeat as the kids get ready for Christmas, they send letters to Santa, unwrap presents and hug family. The tag line “make it a Christmas to remember” lets Toys R Us remind customers of how magical Christmas is for kids. 

Why it works 

This Christmas ad campaign tugs on the heart strings. Watching children miss out on the simple things like visiting a playground reminds us that good times are coming, and that starts with a memorable Christmas.  

This campaign gets extra points for cultural diversity, reflecting our multicultural population. It also focuses on the story and celebration opposed to the commercial benefit. There were homemade toys and kids playing outside instead of all the kids having the latest toy. This speaks to a much broader audience.   


This clever campaign by Coca-Cola could be the most emotional one yet. A devoted father sets off determined to deliver his daughter’s letter to Santa in the north pole. After traveling through all conditions, he arrives. Santa in a Coca-Cola truck is then ready to bring him home and hands him back the letter. Upon opening the note, it says “please bring daddy home for Christmas” and he realises he's made it back in time.  It ends with the tag line “This Christmas, give something only you can give”.   

Why it works  

This campaign bought many viewers to tears and was applauded on social media. Coca-Cola is known for their upbeat happy campaigns however this more sensitive approach has paid off. 

This year has been tough for many people mentally and financially, and it's a nice reminder that time is one of our most precious gifts. 

David Jones  

David Jones celebrates The Home of Christmas for 182 years. This campaign turns the camera on us, shoppers looking through their iconic store window over the years and the feeling of joy of the festive season.   

Why it works 

We enjoyed the nostalgic look back in time. It celebrates the iconic DJs windows and shopping experience plus shows how David Jones has seen Australians change too. While it’s not the most exciting campaign, it does reinforce that David Jones has always been there for your shopping needs over the years.  

Plenty UK  

This campaign wins for humor. In this funny and relatable campaign, you can see a family celebrating Christmas. However, it shows us the side of Christmas not often advertised: the messy side. Think babies, dogs, turkey accidents and spilled drinks.  

Families are messy. Christmas is often messy and sometimes stressful. Plenty has shown how useful their paper towels are during the holiday season with the tag line “Its always a mess, but it’s our mess and there is no place we would rather be”.  

Why it works  

This campaign engaged the audience through a more honest representation of the holidays. It’s a nice respite from the usual cheese and shows that Plenty understands their audience.  


Tesco's Christmas campaign is No Naughty List. We hear confessions about siblings getting bad haircuts, buying too much toilet paper and a mum saying she didn’t teach her kids maths. Tesco encourages us to give ourselves a break and have all the treats we want this Christmas. 

Why it works  

This lighthearted and uplifting campaign is what the audience needs, a funny break from reality. It reminds us not to be too hard on ourselves and just enjoy the holiday season. It also features a classic Britney Spears song – it’s about time Mariah Carey got a run for her Christmas-song money. 


Disney launched their heartwarming animated campaign From Our family To Yours, a story about a grandmother, her granddaughter and their Christmas traditions. This sentimental ad is in support of children's charity Make-A-Wish. The audience can purchase a vintage Mickey Mouse toy from the Disney Store with 25% of the proceeds going to the charity.  

Why it works

The theme of family and loved ones is especially emotionally charged this year, and this story reminds us to focus on tradition and family. With more than two million views this animated story will be sure to make you smile (and perhaps discover something in your eye). In true Disney style it sends a message of love while showing that the brand has been a part of family traditions for many years.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the team at Hardie Grant Media.

Brittany Daniel, publishing executive  

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