Behind the scenes on a major Wine Victoria project

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Take a look at the content we produced to promote Victoria’s five wine regions, in what was our biggest client project for 2019.

Scott Elmslie

During the second half of 2019 we worked with Wine Victoria, the peak body representing the Victorian wine industry, to create a bank of evergreen content. This content was to be used in both print and digital channels, with the overarching goal to position Victoria as a must-see Australian wine region. 

Targeting a primarily overseas market, we promoted the following five wine tourism pillars of Victoria: 
  • King Valley Prosecco Road – Australia’s home of prosecco and a place to celebrate every day 
  • Pinot Coast – Victoria’s maritime treasure, which encompasses the Bellarine, Geelong, the Mornington Peninsula and Gippsland 
  • Muscat of Rutherglen – a unique style of fortified wine produced in the state’s north east, which offers a taste of Victoria’s living history 
  • Shiraz Central – the wild heart of Victoria encapsulating the Grampians, Macedon Ranges, Heathcote, Bendigo, Ballarat and the Goulburn Valley 
  • Yarra Valley – Victoria’s land of plenty conveniently located on Melbourne’s doorstep 
Each pillar offered its own unique proposition and distinct brand playbook, leaving us with a challenge: what common thread would bring these regions together? How could we create content that would inspire people, put the pillars on the map, and make a trip to Victoria’s wine country unmissable? 

Our guiding insight was simple: our five senses form the window to our world and influence what we pay attention to. This informed a visual and tonal direction that aimed to evoke a sensory response. We ultimately wanted people to drop their jaws and salivate... to feel a sense of wonder and an urgency to discover more. 

Throughout the production phase we created: 
  • A series of stimulating and inspirational articles totalling over 40,000 words (also translated into Mandarin) 
  • Custom photography highlighting the heroes of each region 
  • A collection of itineraries and maps that break the regions into simple self-drive trips 
  • Social media toolkits that encourage wineries and tourism operators to promote the five pillars via their own channels 
  • A video content series that creates a sense of wonder and aspiration while still making the regions feel very accessible 
Take a look at the 30 second video edits for each of the pillars below:  

King Valley 

We wanted to convey an adventure to the Australian home of prosecco. A region that celebrates its Italian heritage every day, as well as vibrant winemaking and stunning landscapes. 


Pinot Coast 

The intention of this video was to highlight the spectacular Southern Ocean coastline, home to seductive cool-climate pinot noir, tended by creative winemakers.



Here we uncover Rutherglen’s distinct wine style and uniquely Australian story, which encompasses generations of winemakers within a beautiful rural setting.


Shiraz Central

Shiraz Central is the wild heart of Victoria’s highlands. In this video we demonstrate the region’s distinctive cool-spiced shiraz while meeting pioneering winemakers, exploring spectacular national parks and saying hello to native wildlife. 


Yarra Valley 

The Yarra Valley is Victoria’s most iconic wine region, on Melbourne’s doorstep. We highlighted how this abundant valley is home to highly awarded wineries and innovative, indulgent dining experiences.

Scott Elmslie, account director

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