Polly and Buster

Polly and Buster

From Australia’s best-selling female author, Sally Rippin, comes Polly and Buster – a brand new junior fiction series about the magic of friendship. 
Who ever heard of a witch and a monster being friends?
Everyone knows that witches don’t mix with monsters. Witches are educated, clever, sophisticated. But monsters? Monsters are just uncouth. Some are even dangerous. 
But Polly the witch and Buster the feelings monster have been best friends forever. 
It’s the sort of friendship that makes your heart squeeze with happiness. 
Somehow, they've managed to keep their friendship a secret. 
Until one day, when everything changes ...

Meet Sally Rippin

Sally Rippin was born in Darwin, but grew up mainly in South-East Asia. She has a very clear memory of herself as a child. She remembers the trials, the treasons, the tribulations, as well as her lovely childhood friendships. Perhaps this is the reason she is the successful author and illustrator of over 50 published children's books; many of them award-winning, including two novels for young adults.

Her recent books include the best-selling Billie B Brown early reader series and its recent spin offs A Billie B Mystery, Billie's Adventures and Hey Jack! series. These are quality stories with characters that have struck a chord with with children, their parents, teachers and librarians alike, cementing Sally as one of Australia's highest selling children's authors.

Sally's brand new junior fiction series Polly and Buster is very close to her heart as it's one she's wanted to write for some time. As a bonus to fans, Sally - who spent three years studying fine art in China as a young adult - has stunningly illustrated Polly and Buster herself!