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MELBOURNE: Melbourne Writers Festival 2019

Hosted By: Melbourne Writers Festival 2019

Melbourne, VIC | 30 Aug 2019 10:00 AM

It is said that love conquers all, but the all-consuming emotional state we call ‘love’ is capable of so much more than that. It stirs our creative spirits, brings us to our knees, inspires songs and sonnets and paintings and volumes, breaks us into tiny pieces and glues us back together again with gold adhesive.

Through the lens of Melbourne Writers Festival’s theme this year, When We Talk About Love, authors, journalists, playwrights, poets, songwriters and artists will tell stories of resilience, of heartbreak and letting go, of family and bodies and home.

Held across the Festival’s new literary precinct from 30 August to 8 September, they’ll bring the city to literary life with talks, oration, music, immersive art and performance that explore the myriad ways that words move and inspire us.

Some of the great Harie Grant authors appearing at this year’s festival include:

Ginger Gorman

Sat 31 Aug

10am – Workshop: Making It as a Freelance Writer with Ginger Gorman

4pm – The Opposite of Love panel discussion with Randa Abdel-Fattah, Ginger Gorman and Tim Soutphommasane with moderator Amy Gray

5.30pm – Journalism: Heartbreak and Resolve panel discussion with Erik Jensen, Jack Latimore, Ginger Gorman and Bhakthi Puvanenthiran

Bob Brown

Sat 7 Sep 2019

2.30pm – Imagine Me and You: Bob Brown & Paul Thomas

Paul Thomas

Sat 7 Sep 2019

2.30pm – Imagine Me and You: Bob Brown & Paul Thomas

Yumi Stynes

Fri 6 Sep 2019

9.30pm – Take It From Me: Sacha Horler and Yumi Stynes in conversation with Jess McGuire

Sat 7 Sep 2019

11.30am – Teenage Heartthrobs panel discussion with Sloane Crosley, Daniel Mallory Ortberg, Yumi Stynes, Myf Warhurst and moderated by Thomas Jaspers.

6pm – Yumi Stynes’ Wedding Reception

You can find out more information on all of the above session an book tickets via the above links, or you can check out the full progamme and book tickets here.