Pavia Rosati

Pavia Rosati boarded her first plane at nine months when her Italian mother took her to meet her grandparents at their villa outside Venice, a trip she repeated every year until college. As a result, her American classmates thought she was too Italian (“Where did you get those shoes?”) and her Italian aunts thought she was too American (“You’re eating what for dinner?”). Other early, formative trips saw her in pre-Perestroika Russia, where she learned to travel light, and post-Berlin-Wall Prague, where she learned to travel without a guidebook.
A voracious and tireless explorer who has lived in Paris, London, Washington, D.C., and New York City, she has spent her career covering emerging talent in culture, entertainment, food, and travel. She is especially drawn to old homes and kitchens, because how we live the day-to-day speaks volumes about who we are and where we came from. She’s at her best and happiest sitting around a table in animated conversation with new and old friends.

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